Business Law

Starting your own business?

The challenges are many but the rewards are great! Our office is excited for your new adventure and we would love to be with you from the start.

We’re here to help:

First. our attorney meets with potential clients and works through any areas of concerns, potential needs or connections, and if desired can help prepare contracts that might be needed. We can also help you draft and work through the proper paperwork needed by the State of Missouri or banks with small business programs.

Next, we’ll schedule a time for all owners of the company to come in and finalize the Operating Agreement with signatures. Along with the Operating Agreement, our office will be listed as the business’ Registered Agent.

What is a Registered Agent?

Every small business must have a Registered Agent with the state they operate in. This means, our name and address will be listed alongside your business on the Missouri Secretary of State website.

That way when/if “Johnny Dirtbag” wants to make your life difficult and try to make a claim against you, your business, or even an injury at your property, they’ll contact our office (hopefully before) any paperwork is filed with the court system. We are your front line of defense. Once we get that information, we make sure to communicate openly with you about your options. If you would desire to hire our firm to handle any potential litigation or negotiations, we would complete a fee agreement which both parties will sign. If you choose us as your legal representation, once our fee agreement is in order, we’ll get to work. As your registered agent, we hope that we would continue to maintain a trusted relationship with our firm and that we can work to keep all aspects of your business working smoothly and within the guidelines of the Missouri Secretary of State.

Each year we will bill you $50 per company registered with us for our agent services. Here’s a quick price comparison, one popular online legal ‘self-help’ firms typically charge a $250 annual fee for each company to work as your registered agent. Also their typical LLC creation charges start at $750.  Our firm charges much less. Why? We want to work with you and create a professional and on-going relationship with you and your family.

Starting a new business can be a challenge but is a very exciting time. Thank you for trusting us with your filing needs. We look forward to helping you in the future if and when it is needed.