Covid-19 and Your Case, St. Thomas Legal LLC

On March 13, 2020, national and state emergencies were declared following the classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic.  In response to that, the Missouri Supreme Court issued an order on March 16, 2020, as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of the disease to the public and the employees of the Missouri judiciary.

The courts of the State of Missouri are examining the court status on a day-by-day basis. Court dates are getting moved and continued when positive cases are discovered within the court staff and visitors 

What does this mean for your current case?  St. Thomas Legal, LLC, is remaining open at this time and will continue to work on your case and make sure all emergencies are dealt with and all deadlines are met.  However, if there is a current court appearance scheduled, it will likely be continued until a later date.  Notices to all clients who have court appearances have been mailed out notifying you of your new court date.  We intend to keep all of our clients updated on the developments regarding the judiciary system as we are made aware of them.

Our office will remain open and the best way to reach our team is via email or phone call.  Because the situation with COVID-19 is changing quickly, our priorities are to keep our employees as well as our clients safe. When issues arrive, our staff will work diligently from home. Clients are welcome to drop payments or documents through the front window mail slot.

Any client meeting will take place via video call, web conference, phone call, but you are also welcome to contact us via phone or email.  We are happy to help any way we can.

We will continue to update our clients as things progress with your case as well as the judiciary.  We hope and pray that all of our clients remain healthy and safe and that this pandemic ends swiftly.


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