Estate Planning Hurts My Head

Let’s Take the Confusion of Legal-ezz OUT of Estate Planning with St. Thomas Legal

by Julie Lassiter, Office Manager

Gather all your Grantees and bring them together to the Settlors’ table where one can find a group of Trustees, Descendants, and Beneficiaries all looking forward to the asset liquidation that may or may not take place upon the death of the home owners who are in joint tenancy of said property.
Well, that might have been clear to some but not most. Honestly writing it out hurt a little, proofreading it was even painful.
Translation – Make it a priority to talk about your wishes to those who will inherit your estate.
Our office is happy to help clients with their estate planning and avoid unnecessary spending in courts. Our mission is to help make sure everything is set up as it should be and periodically meet with clients to make sure their wishes have not changed. Situations change, people change, minors grow older and roles change; we want to work with clients throughout the process and make sure those changes are considered.
Call our office today 314-623-1693 or email [email protected] to start the process with an initial consultation.

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